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  • lfp
    • speed it up by spliting up doing lfp offline for non essential layers
    • try split lfp model
  • jay's stuff
    • test for spike wave variability using frequency changes instead of variability
    • write section on minis and network structure
  • Stdp slow wave sleep
    •  try two different stdp models
    •  try exagerating scaling numbers
    •  try unbalanced distribution
    • try flat distribution
  • general slow wave sleep
    • why is the critical section code not working
    • why is 2D sometimes slow for Maxim
    • Integrate Giri's code
    • add position information to input file
    • fix stuff in bugs file
    • put up instructions for how to use it on here
  • spirit
    •  change null output cell to stay in same direction.
    • continuous spiking
    • network struture modularity
  • stuff to learn
    • write program your self that does a basic HH neruron
    •  learn all about electricity
    • read lots of papers
  • openmp
    • convert spirit or slow wave sleep
This is my work to do list in no particular order of importance. If there is something else I need to work on let me know. Especially if it is time critical. I will try to keep this updated.